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How many calories we burn while walking ?

Walking–an effective way to burn calories.

YES.You heard it right.Merely walking a distance can help you burn calories.
Walking is a low-impact aerobic exercise that is easy to do,requires no special equipment and burns calories effectively.Your weight and the distance you walk are the biggest factors in determining how many calories you burn while walking.Studies have proven that an average person,walking continuously for an hour whether outdoor in a park or indoor on a treadmill burns approximately 300 calories.
Yes 300 calories in 60 minutes.Seems easy? Give it a try and feel the difference.
Some of the lifestyle changes you can adopt to walk for at least 60 minutes (if you don’t have enough time)
* Do not use vehicles while going to a nearby shop,prefer walking.
* Do not use lift for going to 1st or 2nd floor,instead climb the stairs

* Get up and walk around while making a call
* Clean your household
Adopt these habits and feel the change in your body.
Is it necessary to burn calories ?
Eating more calories than your body burns invites various health problems such as weight gain and higher body fat percentage.
High calorie intake will cause stress on our body.It can increase the risk of digestive problems,type-2 diabetes,heart diseases,cancer,etc.
Therefore,to maintain healthy body and to stay away from deadly diseases it is very much necessary to burn excessive calories


Keep walking and stay healthy !
#Healthnagri – Care that never ends.